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and its benefits

We offer a range of quality products made from 100% natural pure essential oils. Forbidding in their approach any synthetic product which would represent a danger to the inhalation, our supplier puts a point of honor to select raw materials respectful of the environment and without any animal product.

In order to offer you a range of products adapted to your needs, Les Lodges du Morvan propose you a selection of oils with multiple uses and benefits.

Ambiance velours de spa


Real reference of the manufacturers and distributors of SPA, the velvet of SPA of the Camylle mark were created to be mixed directly with the water of your SPA.

After a long day of sport or walks in the heart of the Morvan, you will take pleasure in letting yourself be massaged by the swirls of water in the SPA installed on your terrace. The addition of velvet will reinforce this moment of relaxation thanks to the virtues of this product composed of essential oils.

Two aromas are available for sale at Lodges du Morvan: Cedar/Litsea and Cajeput/Lemon. Let yourself be tempted by this ultimate moment of well-being, and offer yourself this product when booking your stay by clicking on the extra tab.

Velours de spa
Voile de sauna


Created to stimulate conviviality through the woody and fruity aromas of essential oils, the sauna veil will reinforce the anti-stress and convivial atmosphere of our panoramic view sauna.

This product, which is perfectly diluted in the water poured on the hot stones of the sauna, will ideally accompany the timeless moment you are about to experience while observing the landscapes of Morvan.

Two aromas are available for sale at the Lodges du Morvan: Cedar/Litsea and Luxe. Let yourself be tempted by this ultimate moment of well-being, and treat yourself to this product when booking your stay by clicking on the extra tab.

Ambiance voile de sauna
Ambiance perle de parfum


Our perfume pearl is a revolutionary solution for diffusing natural fragrances that replaces candles or incense sticks that can be harmful to the health of its users.

Working with a diffuser, these small 100% natural pearls will release the molecules of essential oils and their natural fragrances in a dry and healthy way, without heating the product and thus releasing toxic fumes.

The rental of the diffuser for a week as well as the sale of 150g of perfume pearls is available as an extra when booking your stay.

Perle de parfum
Brume de douche


The Camylle shower mist is ideal to find the SPA atmosphere at home on a daily basis. Composed of 100% natural essential oils that create a unique aromatherapy atmosphere in your shower, this product is sprayed towards the hot water jet of your shower and then diffused in the water vapors.

The benefits of this aromatherapy session will be immediate and you will be able to find the atmosphere of the hammam which will offer you a unique sensation of relaxation.

Samples of the product are available in your shower for any reservation of a stay at Lodges du Morvan. If you enjoy your aromatherapy experience, 150ml bottles are available for sale.

Ambiance brume de douche

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the SPA and sauna, no other products than those sold by Les Lodges du Morvan will be tolerated.
It is therefore forbidden to add essential oils in the facilities of the establishments.